DRS to making Sepang overtaking 'easy' - drivers

By on Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apr.7 (GMM) There will be only one 'DRS' overtaking zone this weekend, but top drivers believe passing could be too easy in Malaysia.

24 hours ago, Felipe Massa expressed concerns amid rumours the FIA was considering allowing drivers to use both of Sepang's long straights to adjust their rear wings to overtake rivals during the grand prix.

But when asked if he had heard that only the entire length of the pit straight has been declared for DRS this weekend, the Ferrari driver answered on Thursday: "Yes.

"In my opinion, in this direction (with two straights) it would have been very easy to overtake," said Massa.

Jenson Button agrees that the so-called 'drag reduction system' will have a much greater effect this weekend than on its debut in Melbourne two weeks ago.

"I think it is going to make overtaking a lot easier than it was in Melbourne.

"Maybe it will be a little too easy, as I think being within a second before the last corner, even without DRS, you can have a good chance of overtaking," said the McLaren driver.

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