DRS clampdown is 'sensible' says Raikkonen

By on Friday, December 28, 2012

Banning the use of the moveable rear wing innovation DRS on Friday and Saturday is a good move, Kimi Raikkonen has declared.

DRS was introduced in 2011 to make overtaking easier during grands prix.

But because the FIA feared that setup compromises would minimise the effectiveness of the system, it was decided that DRS could also be used during free practice and qualifying.

That will now change for 2013, when DRS is only used during races.

"It's a sensible change," said Lotus driver Raikkonen.

"It had been going more and more in the direction of everyone trying to take advantage all the time to use DRS earlier and earlier.

"At some point it was going to cause a big crash. The drivers wanted this change."

And Finn Raikkonen told Turun Sanomat newspaper the DRS clampdown could also be useful for another reason.

"Probably it will stabilise the better cars, where for example the Red Bulls were able to drive through some corners with the DRS open, while others could not," he said.

Meanwhile, Raikkonen rubbished suggestions that top drivers - like, for example, Lewis Hamilton - are able to switch teams and improve the performance of a team's car.

"If it was true, you wouldn't need engineers anymore," he said. "That's just rubbish.

"Of course we as drivers say our opinion and the engineers listen. We try what they come up with and see whether it works or how good it is or not.

"But it's not right that they ask the drivers how to build the car," insisted Raikkonen.

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