DRS ban to remain in force throughout Monaco tunnel in 2012

By on Friday, May 18, 2012

Drivers’ will once again be banned from using the DRS device throughout the tunnel during this years Monaco Grand Prix, after its use was banned in similar fashion last year. Throughout the build-up to last years race, drivers’ campaigned against the DRS, believing it would be unsafe if deployed whilst in the Monaco tunnel.

However, although the DRS was banned throughout the tunnel complex, Sergio Perez had a huge incident on the exit of tunnel during qualifying. The Sauber driver lost his car on a bump just after the exit of tunnel, which propelled the car sharply to the right and subsequently he went whirling to disaster into the barrier.

With this incident still fresh in the mind of many, not least Sergio Perez and the Sauber team, the decision has been made once again to ban the DRS device when the cars pass through the tunnel. The track has been re-surfaced on the exit of the tunnel, to try and smooth out any bumps or kinks that could cause a similar incident.

The DRS overtaking zone for the race itself has remained unchanged from last season, and will see the DRS device permitted on the start/finish straight only. With passing around the Principality notoriously difficult, it’ll be interesting to see which drivers’ benefit most from the use of DRS.

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