Drivers express concern about Pirelli degradation

By on Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mar.1 (GMM) Three leading F1 drivers have admitted their concerns about this year's Pirelli tyres.

"The problem is that they degrade too quickly," reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel said on Austrian television Servus TV.

"By lap 16 or 17 they're falling apart," said the German, who said the problems could push drivers up to 10 "or maybe more" seconds per lap off the pace.

Vettel said there is not enough time now for Pirelli to redesign and rebuild new tyres for the 2011 season.

"The hard tyres degrade just as quickly as the softs," Fernando Alonso is quoted by El Pais newspaper after a sponsor visit to Madrid on Monday.

Vettel said it is wrong to suggest that sensitive drivers like Jenson Button will benefit the most from the severe degradation.

"The problem is that after a certain number of laps the tyre is finished, no matter what the driver does," the German added.

Force India's Adrian Sutil told Auto Motor und Sport that when the Pirelli tyres degrade, "It's like being in a touring car".

"(Or) like being on intermediates," added the German.

"I've tried to drive differently, say 20 per cent slower at the beginning, and that gives you maybe on more lap.

"We will probably all be pitting at the same time, and quite often," said Sutil.

He predicted that the first impact on F1 is that, due to the limited supply of dry tyres per driver, there will be less action in free practice.

"After the tyres break down you can't really test anything," said Sutil.

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