Drivers disagree over sound of Formula 1

By on Thursday, March 27, 2014
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

Formula 1 frontrunners have offered differing views with regards to the sound produced by the new V6 power units.

Formula 1 faced criticism from some quarters following the season-opening Australian Grand Prix and as the sport reconvened in Malaysia, a few drivers were asked for their opinion.

"It's shit," said reigning champion Sebastian Vettel. "That's my opinion and I think for the fans as well. I think Formula 1 has to be spectacular and the sound is one of the most important things.

"When I was a small child, I don't remember much, but I remember when I was six years old and we went to see the cars live during free practice, the one thing I remember was the sound. How loud they were, to feel the cars through the ground and the whole ground was vibrating. It's a shame you don't have that."

However, McLaren's Jenson Button offered a different viewpoint.

"Go and race something else if you are not happy," he said.

"As drivers we don't have an opinion of where the cars are in terms of sound and feel. When you cross the finish line first you have won a grand prix. You don't care what it sounds like or what it looks like. You have beaten the best in the world and that is all you care about."

Championship leader Nico Rosberg reckons that the changes have been positive for the sport.

"It's been all good for Formula 1," he said. "It's changed around the pecking order. That's definitely good for everybody because the same guy winning last year, we needed a change to that."

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