Downcast Schumacher appalled by performance

By on Monday, November 19, 2012

Mercedes AMG

Michael Schumacher was left searching for words after a dismal showing at the United States Grand Prix.

Schumacher started from fifth place but tumbled down the order, eventually finishing in sixteenth place.

"I can't find any words other than ironic ones for the race today - there was a lot of action around me but unfortunately in the wrong direction", he said.

"To say that the race was a real struggle would be an understatement".

"I couldn't get any grip from my first set of tyres, and there must have been some kind of damage for them to perform so badly. We had to change our strategy to two stops which then compromised our race even further. All in all, it was much worse than expected today, especially considering that things did not look that bad yesterday and Friday".

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