Disastrous day for Red Bull

By on Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Italian Grand Prix proved to be the worst race for Red Bull Racing since neither car finished the Korean Grand Prix in 2010.

Sebastian Vettel suffered an alternator failure with five laps remaining, while Mark Webber spun at the exit of the Ascari chicane while running in tenth.

"I found out I had a problem roughly 300 metres before I stopped the car. It was an alternator problem, similar to the one we had yesterday morning", said the reigning world champion.

Renault's Cyril Dumont was frustrated with the failure on behalf of the corporation.

"We are still looking into why this happened, but we do know that even though the alternator was being operated entirely within the prescribed range, the part itself overheated and shut off the power supply. We have to apologise to Red Bull Racing as clearly this has hurt us in the Championship"

Vettel was also penalised for an aggressive defence of his position against Fernando Alonso at the Curva Grande, although the German wasn't overly bothered.

"The drive-through incident was decided and happened, so there’s not so much to say about that", he said.

Vettel is optimistic that the next few races will be better for the team.

"It had been a good race for us given the lack of pace. There are not so many long straights at the next couple of circuits, so we can challenge there"

Mark Webber now lies fifth in the championship after his non-score at Monza.

"Towards the end of the race, I had no rear tyres left and I was pushing reasonably hard. Nico (Rosberg) was coming on his fresh two-stop tyres, so I had to keep pushing and staying on it – for the sake of getting a couple of points, maybe I shouldn’t have pushed as hard, but I was trying to stay on it", he said.

"The rear tyres were completely finished, so I dropped it out of the Ascari chicane; I managed to keep it off the wall, but then the tyres were so heavily flat-spotted, I was worried about damaging the car. We do 330 km/h round here, I couldn’t see the track, so we decided to retire."

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