Disappointed Rosberg admits Hamilton pressure led to error

By on Sunday, September 7, 2014
Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes AMG Petronas

A disappointed Nico Rosberg admitted that Lewis Hamilton's pace during the Italian Grand Prix contributed to his error which cost him a chance of victory.

Rosberg was leading at Monza when he locked up at the Rettifilo chicane and had to take to the run-off, dropping behind Hamilton, who had rapidly closed down a two second gap following the pit stops.

Rosberg recovered to second position to retain his lead in the championship, which has now been cut to 22 points.

"Lewis was quick, coming from behind, I needed to up my pace and as a result I made some mistakes, so it was very bad and it lost me the lead in the end," he said.

"Disappointing from that point of view, but then it’s a great day for the team, a first 1-2 in a long time, so that’s back to where we need to be, that’s awesome. I’m disappointed right now but it’s still second and a lot of points so not a complete disaster.

"I am very disappointed inside but there’s no point behind down mouthed for that, the reality is second place is okay. I lost seven points to Lewis, so that’s the frame of mind I’m trying to take."

Rosberg was again booed during the podium ceremony and he added that he hopes fans can forgive him for the incident at Spa Francorchamps.

"It’s obviously not nice but what can I say, I hope with time they sort of forgive and forget, that would be great, I have apologised so I cannot do anything more than that," he said.

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