Disappointed Maldonado blames Sutil for crash

By on Sunday, August 25, 2013
Williams F1 Team

Williams F1 Team

Pastor Maldonado has blamed Adrian Sutil for a collision that resulted in the retirement of Paul di Resta.

Maldonado and Sutil made contact at the Bus Stop chicane and the Williams driver hit di Resta, causing the retirement of the latter. Maldonado was subsequently handed a stop and go penalty.

Maldonado blamed Sutil for the crash.

"I was touched by Adrian, my car jumped and I lost control and then he crossed the line," Maldonado said.

"I’m disappointed for the penalty [and] disappointed for di Resta as well."

"I ran wide because [Esteban] Gutierrez pushed me a bit harder, I was trying to recover the line and Sutil as soon as we were between the corner in the middle, he was crossing my line and went from the outside going to the inside, he touched my front wing."

"Part of the front wing went down under the car and I lost traction from the front so nothing to do with di Resta. I think it was completely compromised by Sutil."

"This corner is very difficult as they are very short in between them. He crossed my line in a very aggressive way and I didn’t defend, I didn’t do anything. I had no control when I crashed with di Resta. In my point of view it’s [the penalty] not clear."

Maldonado said it didn't matter that he received a stop and go penalty rather than a drive through.

"I think the incident was caused by Sutil and I get the penalty. Then if it’s a stop and go or drive through, it’s a penalty."

Maldonado was also critical of the pace of the Williams throughout the weekend in Belgium.

"Really bad today. Really bad during the weekend," he added.

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