Di Resta out to impress top teams

By on Monday, January 14, 2013

Autosport International

Paul di Resta has said that he needs to pick up decent results in 2013 to put himself in the frame for top teams.

Di Resta was overlooked by McLaren, who plucked for Mexican driver Sergio Perez to replace Mercedes bound Lewis Hamilton.

The Scot told Autosport International that he held talks with McLaren about a move.

"I'm not going to give away too much, but yes, there were discussions", he said.

"I've got a great relationship with McLaren. Martin Whitmarsh was actually the key person who put my name forward for Force India, and also I've been part of Mercedes-Benz for a lot of years."

Di Resta suggested that Perez's move to McLaren was assisted by his potential commercial ability.

"I'm manly enough to stand up and say that for whatever reason the board took decisions not to put me in the car. Our paths may cross. It may be in a car that's beating them and I'll have the last laugh. But if I've got to work with them, they're professional people and they win races, and that's what I'm in the sport to do. Unfortunately in this sport now there's a little bit more to it. There's a commercial side and money's tight. Perez has some good backing".

Di Resta remains optimistic about his chances of a move in 2014. Red Bull and Ferrari have potential vacancies, as well as the Scot suggesting that it might not be rosy at McLaren for Perez or Mercedes.

"Many of these moves that have happened that have changed the flow of Formula 1 might not work out. [Perez is] up against a big task. He's got to perform. Jenson's obviously not going to give him an easy time. Jenson is probably at his peak. Lewis [Hamilton] might not like the way Mercedes work. It can all change very quickly."

"Without begging for a job, you've just got to be in their face at the right time."

The identity of di Resta's 2013 team mate has yet to be revealed, with Jules Bianchi and Adrian Sutil regarded as the primary candidates.

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