Deadline for 2017 technical changes extended

By on Wednesday, February 24, 2016
Red Bull/Getty Images

Red Bull/Getty Images

The FIA has confirmed that the deadline for the sport to agree on the technical regulations for 2017 has been postponed until the end of April.

A meeting of the Strategy Group and the F1 Commission was held on Tuesday in Geneva, with the original deadline set for next Monday.

"Following the recommendation of the Strategy Group, the F1 Commission agreed to postpone the deadline for the finalisation of 2017 Sporting and Technical Regulations until 30 April, 2016 – to allow all stakeholders the best opportunity to complete all relevant work," read a statement issued by the FIA.

The sport has been keen to increase the speed of the cars for 2017 and progress was made regarding this aspect.

"New bodywork regulations have been adopted to create more exciting cars, delivering additional downforce to increase speeds and lower lap times," continued the statement.

"The FIA, teams and official tyre supplier will continue discussions on the best solution for testing of the new tyres required as part of the regulations."

The size of the tyres is set to be increased, with the front wing width extended from 1650mm to 1800m and the rear wing widened from 750mm to 950mm but reduced in height from 950mm to 800mm with a "swept endplate in side view and tucked in front view."

Floor sizes are set to be expanded, with downforce levels set to be substantially increased.

Under 2016 regulations, the diffuser must be 125mm high, 1000mm wide and starting at rear axle, but next year it is proposed that they will be "175mm high, 1050mm wide, starting 175mm ahead of rear axle."

The width of the bodywork will be extended from 1400mm to 1600mm, while the weight of the cars will be increased from 702kg to 722kg.

Progress was also made regarding head protection, which has been a focus of driver safety in recent years.

"The F1 Commission confirmed the intention of introducing some form of cockpit protection from the 2017 season," continued the statement.

"All stakeholders are working together to make this a reality, with the "Halo" concept currently the preferred option. Other options, such as transparent cockpit protection, will continue to be evaluated."

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