De La Rosa hopes brake issues fixed

By on Friday, November 2, 2012

HRT driver Pedro de La Rosa is hopeful that the team has solved the brake issues that have plagued them recently.

De La Rosa spun out of the Indian Grand Prix courtesy of a brake failure, while Narain Karthikeyan's brakes failed in qualifying in Korea.

"The initial objective was to find a good car balance and we achieved it quite early on. Then we focused on testing different configurations to see where we were and to optimize the cooling of the brakes", he said.

"The grip on the track is quite low and the difference between both tyre compounds is smaller than expected. With the mediums the car performs better but on softs the grip is better, although we can still extract more from these. Our pace is good and the tests we carried out on the brakes didn’t go badly, so we’re optimistic although there is room for improvement".

Team principal Luis Perez-Sala also thinks the team has taken a step forwards in terms of braking reliability.

"The tests on the brakes prove that we’re in a better position than in India and that’s positive, but there’s more to extract from the car still", he said.

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