Dave Ryan returns to F1

By on Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dave Ryan (ex McLaren Employee) with Massimo Rivola

Dave Ryan, best remembered for being at the centre of the 2009 'liegate' scandal, is back in the F1 paddock.

McLaren's long-time sporting director was sacked more than two years ago for lying during a stewards enquiry involving Lewis Hamilton.

Former McLaren driver and lead British television commentator Martin Brundle told his Twitter followers on Thursday that Ryan is "in Sao Paulo to advise Renault team".

"Great guy Von, very tough to work under, missed in paddock", added Brundle.

Ryan earned the nickname 'Von' at McLaren in the mid 70s, based on the film Von Ryan's Express.

He said earlier this year he had moved on since the scandal that cost him his F1 career.

"People who carry grudges are akin to having a ball and chain around their ankle holding them back from getting on with their lives," he said.

"I get on with all the McLaren people and what happened, happened. It's history now."

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