Coulthard: Webber has to try to do better next year

By on Sunday, November 6, 2011

Mark Webber & David Coulthard © Copyright: Davenport /

This week, David Coulthard appeared as a guest in ServusTV, Dietrich Mateschitz’s TV channel, where he answered questions regarding the Red Bull drivers: Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber.

When he was asked what is the opinion among the current F1 drivers about Sebastian Vettel, admiration or desperation, the Scottish driver answered: “His competition are getting a little bit desperate since, obviously, they do not have any answer to his dominance at the moment. But I don't think that Formula 1 does not want to see this kind of success anymore. Of course, what people don't like is that it could continue being like this for the next 10 years. In this sport, you need different drivers who can fight for the victories. Each one of his victories is the result of the hard work he has carried out over the free practices and the qualifying sessions to the race. The great starts, the decisive braking… This is really what results in his success, and he is admired for that.

Coulthard also had some words about the apparent performance drop of his old team-mate Mark Webber: “He was very close to winning the championship last year. He led until Abu Dhabi where Sebastian came on very strong. Maybe that has affected Mark’s performance. When you have such a strong team-mate, psychologically, it is difficult to get over it. The mind controls the body, not the other way around. Mark has been rewarded for his loyalty with a new contract for next year. Now, he has to finish this season as strong as possible and, during the winter, he has to look at everything Sebastian does and try to understand where the performance difference comes from. Is it in his work with the engineers? It is certainly not the fitness, they are both super fit. But there must be areas where he has to look at the data, and maybe he has to try to do better next year with a new approach. At the moment, he goes backwards with the starts rather than forwards. Nobody likes to criticize, but one has to measure him by his performance and he is not at Sebastian’s level.”

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