Charles Pic confident of Caterham improvement

By on Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Caterham's new recruit Charles Pic is confident that his team can progress up the F1 grid in 2013.

Pic joins Caterham from Marussia ahead of the 2013 season and recently visited the factory in Leafield.

"First of all I met everybody and had a look around the factory", he told the Official F1 website. "Then I spoke with the people that I will work with next year. The most important thing now is that I spend time with the team so that I know them better, and they know me better. It’s very important that we know each other before we start testing," said the French driver.

"We’re doing everything we can to make a good car so now we have to work and start to prepare for next year. I think Caterham has big potential - I’m 100 percent confident of that. We just have to work very hard to improve ourselves to be better next year and to take a step forward."

Caterham only narrowly beat Marussia to tenth in the Constructors Championship after a disappointing season, but Pic dismisses claims that the team is now under pressure.

"I don’t feel it like that. Caterham have always been the first of the three ‘new’ teams so I think what they’ve produced so far has been good. But for sure we can do better and our target is to do better next year. But I don’t think we are under pressure. We know where we want to go and that is the most important thing for the team."

Pic also feels that Timo Glock was a positive influence in his rookie season and adds that he has no preference over his 2013 team mate.

"Last year it was very good for me to have Timo as my team mate because it was my first year and I had a lot to learn. It was really good to be able to have a benchmark," he said. "I know I’ll have plenty of things to learn in 2013 because I’m convinced that you can’t learn everything in one year. I will try to improve myself as fast as possible, but it’s not my job to choose my team mate. I’m sure Caterham will take the right direction."

The former GP2 winner also reckons he is better equipped to deal with the sport ahead of his second season.

"I’ve had one year in F1 and I’m only 22-years-old so I can improve plenty of stuff. I would like to adapt faster in different situations. Timo was really good at that, but then he has a lot of experience and I’m sure that helped. I was able to learn that from him and I will work on it for next year."

"But I had so many situations in 2012 that were completely new for me - new tracks, new problems that I had to solve that I’d never faced before. In all these new situations I always gave my best, but when I face them again I know I’ll be able to do a little bit better."

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