Button 'shaken' after holiday robbery

By on Friday, August 7, 2015
McLaren Honda

McLaren Honda

Jenson Button has been left 'shaken' after he and his wife Jessica were the victims of a robbery while on holiday in Southern France.

The couple were residing with friends in a holiday home in Saint-Tropez, to the West of Monaco, where Button lives.

It is suspected that the group were victims of being gassed, enabling thieves to steal possessions belonging to the group.

"Two men broke into the property whilst they all slept and stole a number of items of jewellery including, most upsettingly, Jessica's engagement ring," read a statement.

"The police have indicated that this has become a growing problem in the region with perpetrators going so far as to gas their proposed victims through the air conditioning units before breaking in.

"Whilst unharmed, everyone involved is unsurprisingly shaken by the events."

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