Button says McLaren lacking front end grip

By on Sunday, April 20, 2014


Jenson Button says that McLaren lacked front end grip during the Chinese Grand Prix.

McLaren struggled across the weekend in China and Button could only manage 11th place.

"There are cars with lower downforce out there," he told Sky Sports. "We’re struggling with front tyre temperature, it's not that you don’t switch it on it's just that it grains immediately.

"It's tough for us driving the car was we put up with it for an hour and a half, but tough for the guys at the MTC [McLaren's factory] as well as we need upgrades. We’re very front limited and this is a front limited circuit. It's shown where our problems are."

Team-mate Kevin Magnussen came home in 13th place after he also struggled.

"Just lack of downforce," he said of his problems. "It’s a shame. We just don’t have enough downforce, it’s the only issue we have. The way the car is run is good. The good thing is it feels good, the feeling is good we just need loads of downforce."

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