Button reckons Pirellis will help him.

By on Saturday, February 5, 2011

Former world champion Jenson Button reckons that the new Pirelli rubber will help him as he aims to reclaim his crown from Sebastian Vettel this year.

The Brit, who claimed the title in 2009 with Brawn GP, sampled the new tyres for the first time on Thursday and was satisfied with the results.

"It has a stable rear when you enter high-speed corners, you have a stable rear when you brake for low-speed corners, and that is something that I really do need with the car. I am happy with that step.

"There are areas where it is weaker than previous tyres – but that is the way it is built. You just change the balance of the car to suit that.

"There will be degradation on the soft tyre and you do have to look after it, but there always has to be a balance. You want to be quick over one lap and you want to be quick over a long run, so there is always a bit of a compromise. It is whether you can get the compromise right or not."

Button also added that Pirellis might help him in his aim to improve his qualifying form, having failed to qualify on pole since the Monaco Grand Prix in 2009.

Monaco 2009 - Button's last pole to date

"The tyres help me in that area, that is one thing definitely," he said. "And we are doing a lot of work on the car still. It does take a little bit of time but we are working on a certain area that I think will really help me and give me confidence in the car.

"In quite a few races last year I wasn't happy with my qualifying performance, but in the races we were very competitive. It is an area I need to work on, but all we can do off the circuit is try and improve areas that I think will help me.

"One area I think is that with Pirelli we have a tyre that maybe suits me more than the previous tyre we had. We have to wait and see, but I think that may be the case. I also think the work we are doing at the factory is positive."

Despite concerns about high wear, Button says there is no reason to be worried.

"The tyre itself is obviously very different to the Bridgestone," he said. "I don't mean different in a bad way, it is just a different tyre to drive.

"Over one lap it felt very strong and on a longer run with the super soft tyre you get degradation quite a bit. But that is what we sort of expected and that is what the fans probably want – two different tyres in a race that really stand out to be different. I think we will have that this year."

Some of Button's rivals were less than complimentary about the state of the new rubber.

Michael Schumacher said "It was like driving on ice. [But] I think they are still in the testing phase and that they will deal with the situation well."

Robert Kubica - who set the fastest time on the final day - added, "Let's say they have quite big degradation so it will be very important to manage them better and maybe change a bit of the set-up in order to make them last longer and extract more performance from them."

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