Button: Progress, not result, will make McLaren happy

By on Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Jenson Button says that the progress made by McLaren, rather than their race result, will determine whether they regard this weekend's Monaco Grand Prix as a positive event.

Button arrives in Monaco having not scored in three successive races and admits that, while the team is not in a fantastic place, he is confident that progress will soon be made.

"We’re not in a fantastic place right now in terms of speed and finishing positions – I was asked what I’d be happy with here and I’d be happy with a win," he said. "But obviously we’re not going to get that. I don’t think the position is what will make us happy here, it’s not going to be a fantastic result, but how the car feels.

"If we make improvements and [have] a better direction then we’ll be happy. We know there’s so much coming [from updates] that we can be positive for the future."

The Brit also thinks that the nature of the circuit could result in a mixed up grid - albeit behind the leading runners.

"You might have a slightly different grid for the race – I think you’ll still have the Mercedes at the front and then Red Bull very close to them but it’ll be a bit mixed up behind them," he said.

"I always love driving here out of the pits and getting to grips with this place as your heartbeat is always 10 to 15 beats higher than any other circuit – it’s unforgiving and we need more of that in F1."

Button anticipates that the recently resurfaced road between Casino Square and the tunnel will provide a challenge for the drivers.

"There’s new asphalt which we think is quite similar to the first year at Austin, so it’ll be very low grip and that’s going to be an issue for everyone," he said. "The soft tyre will be tough to get working for everyone, especially the fronts."

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