Button: McLaren 'scary' to drive

By on Sunday, May 10, 2015
McLaren Honda

McLaren Honda

Jenson Button labelled his McLaren MP4-30 as 'scary to drive' after he finished down in 16th place at the Spanish Grand Prix.

Button was lapped in the race and believes that there was a fundamental problem with his car.

"[On] Friday the long runs were good, but, it was pretty scary to drive," he said. "Every time I touched the throttle, it just snapped. I am sure there is something wrong there.

"The problem is in the low-speed it is slow and you just get wheel spin immediately. In high-speed, it is very scary. As soon as you touch the power, the rear end is gone and it snaps immediately. It isn’t a gradual snap like you usually get, it is very weird. Something we have got to look at."

Button also talked down McLaren's prospects of collecting championship points this season.

"After today, I don’t think I expect points at all this year, but hopefully it was an off day," he said.

"It didn’t feel right. The weekend had been reasonably good for us and I’ve been happy with how the car has been, but was like flicking a switch in the race.

"Not the easiest and it was from the word go, it is not in terms of a balance issue because I also had understeer in the car. We have got to look at it."

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