Button has no plans to console under-fire Hamilton

By on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Jenson Button is impressing everyone with his calmness and maturity this year

Jenson Button has revealed he will not be talking to his teammate Lewis Hamilton about the 2008 world champion's latest controversy.

It has been suggested that, without a conventional manager, Briton Hamilton is in need of guidance in the wake of his professional split with his father.

The 26-year-old is once again in the doldrums after Singapore and his spat with Felipe Massa, while the much more experienced Button in the sister McLaren is happily the only driver still mathematically in contention for Sebastian Vettel's title.

So will Button be phoning Hamilton this week?

"To be fair I wasn't planning on it," he is quoted by the Telegraph. "We never talk away from the circuit.

"When he gets back home I am sure he will have people around him that will pick him up."

Button, 31, played down the depiction of the British media that - with Red Bull's Vettel surely headed for the title - the real point of interest now is which McLaren driver wins the internal team battle.

"For us the important thing is to work together until the end of the year. If people try to turn us against each other ...

"My aim is to get more points than anyone over the last nine races," admitted Button.

He answered "I don't know" when asked if it is his increasingly comfortable position within F1 and McLaren that has rattled Hamilton.

"I am definitely driving well at the moment," said Button.

"When I talk to Lewis, I don't think he has changed the way he drives or anything."

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