Button fears tough, processional race

By on Saturday, May 24, 2014
McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Mercedes

Jenson Button says that the Monaco Grand Prix could be a processional affair due to the hard nature of the tyres.

The Brit was knocked out of Q2 during qualifying and will start from 12th on the grid.

"On the first lap of my final run in Q2, I came across one of the Toro Rossos at the Swimming Pool," he said. "I don’t think he initially saw me, then he tried to back out of the corner, but there wasn’t enough room for two cars into the second part of that particular part of the circuit.

"It’s a pity; the pace was there in Q1, but I didn’t get a lap together in Q2. No excuses.

"The race will be tough starting from 12th position – the tyres last so long around here, so it could end up being quite processional. Maybe somebody will be brave and try some moves and make the race a bit of fun. Let’s see if that upsets the order.

"I’m not hoping for rain on Sunday; no driver likes the wet around here, especially with these tyres – you can’t get enough temperature into them. For everybody’s sake, I think it’ll be better if it’s dry tomorrow.”

"It’s going to be a tough race for me, but I’ll see what I can do."

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