Button could reject any McLaren deal

By on Thursday, November 6, 2014
McLaren Mercedes

McLaren Mercedes

Jenson Button says he may not accept a new McLaren deal, should the Woking-based team opt to retain him for 2015.

Button's contract expires at the end of the current campaign and his future remains uncertain, with rookie Kevin Magnussen and Ferrari's Fernando Alonso also in contention for the two drives with the team.

"I don't know," Button said when asked if he would accept a new deal.

"Well, it's been going on for three months now, hasn't it? Initially it was like 'OK, what's that all about'. It makes you think about other opportunities, other challenges - in Formula One, in other motorsports, other sports.

"There's so much out there and so many challenges I'm interested in taking on."

Button says he would only be interested in staying if McLaren could deliver a winning car.

"For me it is what it is," he added. "Am I disappointed? No. I'm disappointed I'm not in a winning car, that's what I'm disappointed about. I'm here to win. I only want to be in Formula One to win.

"I've been so many tough times through my career and I feel that I've given so much to the teams I've raced for, I've got a championship out of it, I've won seven grand prix with McLaren, which is awesome, I've loved working with them.

"The last two years have been tough; I'm ready to win races again. If I'm not winning races next year I don't want to be in the sport anyway. I don't want to make up the numbers anymore and just pick up points; it's about winning.

"Especially when you've won a world championship and won races, it's such an addictive feeling. It's crazy emotions you share with your team, your friends and the fans as well. I miss that."

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