Button concerned by penultimate corner

By on Friday, June 20, 2014


Jenson Button says he is concerned about the layout of the penultimate corner at the Red Bull Ring ahead of this weekend's Austrian Grand Prix.

Button, who was seventh quickest in second practice, reckons that the pit entry - which begins on the approach to the corner - has the potential to cause problems, while there is the risk that exceeding track limits could be the quicker option on a hot lap.

"There will probably be a couple of talking points in the drivers’ briefing tonight," he said.

"The pit entry at Turn Eight is tricky; I tried to go round the outside of someone who was pitting, but I just went straight on because I was on the marbles. So that might need a little look.

"Additionally, the exit of Turn Eight needs looking at – it’s seemingly quicker to run with all four wheels off the track, but it’s a bit more dangerous because you run out of asphalt and have to get back on the track before it grasses over."

McLaren team-mate Kevin Magnussen echoed the Brit's comments.

"Turn Eight is a bit tricky – [to enter the pits] you have to stay right before the corner, which requires you to be slower at the apex, so we might have to have a look at that during the drivers’ briefing tonight," he said.

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