British Grand Prix was almost suspended - Whiting

By on Monday, July 1, 2013

Charlie-WhitingFormula 1 race director Charlie Whiting says he came very close to red flagging the British Grand Prix.

Five drivers suffered tyre blowouts during the 52 lap race and Whiting says he came close to halting the action.

"It was quite close to being red-flagged; it did occur to me to do that," he said.

"Obviously to clear up all that debris was putting marshals at risk, and it is not satisfactory. We haven't seen a failure like this before; we have seen other types of failure - and that is what has been addressed. So we need to analyse it very carefully to see if we can establish the cause."

Whiting also believes it is too early to draw conclusions about the cause of the failures.

"They [Pirelli] have a lot of analysing to do, including the tyres that didn't fail – because maybe we will find something there that was on the verge of failing that will give us a better indicator of what happened.

"It is too early to say what will happen, so it's too early to say what needs to be done."

The German Grand Prix takes place this weekend and Whiting insists that action needs to be taken before the middle of the week.

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