Briatore eyes F1 return in marketing

By on Saturday, October 8, 2011

Flavio Briatore

Flavio Briatore has ruled out returning to formula one as a team boss.

As for coming back to the F1 paddock when his 'crashgate' ban finally lifts in 2013, however, the Italian admitted he is looking forward to it.

"Certainly not as a team boss," he said in an interview with Bild newspaper. "I did that for 16, 17 years, won seven titles and I no longer want the stress.

"I can think of doing something in the marketing," added Briatore, "but it's not an issue now."

He admits to missing formula one, but reveals that he still has a toe in the water.

"I am in contact with formula one people almost every day. Our (management) agency has Alonso and Webber, and I meet in London regularly with Bernie to eat."

Fascinatingly, Briatore no longer categorically denies his involvement in the order for Nelson Piquet to crash his Renault at Singapore in 2008.

"Of course we all make mistakes," said the Italian. "The pressure in formula one is so great - the sponsors, the team of a manufacturer - and you don't always get it right.

"Still, I think I did more right than I did wrong," he added.

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