Boullier: Pecking order will vary

By on Thursday, June 26, 2014


McLaren racing director Eric Boullier believes that the competitive order in 2014 will continue to vary depending on circuit layout.

While Mercedes has remained the quickest package at every round so far this season, several teams have taken turns to achieve strong results.

McLaren finished in second and third in Australia, while Ferrari, Force India and Williams have all taken podiums behind Formula 1's dominant outfit, with Red Bull winning in Canada.

"Actually it is interesting because it just shows this year that you have a little bit of a strange pecking order in some races, just because of the [circuit] layout," Boullier said when asked about Williams's form in Austria, where they finished in third and fourth.

"Williams have built a good car; I think they have some weaknesses, but a lot of strengths - on some track layouts. You could see that a twisty track like Monaco they are not in good form, but a track with more chicanes and long straights like Canada and Austria they were.

"I think this year is very dictated by the power unit - the driveability of the car and the power of the engine - and how you deploy your energy. All this is why you have this change in the pecking order and classification over different track layouts."

Boullier is also confident that McLaren will be ready with a competitive car for Honda's arrival in 2015.

"I do have the confidence that we will have a good car from next year," he added during a McLaren phone-in. "We have addressed all the issues internally, and I believe we have made the right changes.

"We have seen already from Austria the first benefits of the changes we have done in terms of organisation, and I think now we are heading in the right way."

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