Boullier criticises 'very harsh' Grosjean penalty

By on Sunday, July 28, 2013
Lotus F1 Team

Lotus F1 Team

Lotus team principal Eric Boullier has criticised the decision to give Romain Grosjean a drive through penalty for exceeding track limits during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Grosjean went around the outside of Ferrari's Felipe Massa at Turn 4, with the stewards deeming that Grosjean 'left the track' and that 'this overtaking move would not otherwise have been possible.'

But Boullier disputed that decision.

"I feel this penalty was a little bit too much," said Boullier. "He [Grosjean] had nowhere to go, he was a little bit four wheels on the track, just for a couple of centimetres and obviously it’s very harsh, when you get such a penalty, to recover when you’re fighting for the podium."

"The Ferrari is just next to him so he would have crashed or lose obviously most of the time. There is a clear rule, of course. Obviously it’s in our favour if there’s no penalty but I think the penalty itself is a bit harsh for that."

"It’s a harsh penalty for what we could say a brilliant move. In other situations it could be a normal penalty and understandable. But I will have a word with them when I’ve cooled down a little."

Despite also making contact with Jenson Button, Boullier remains pleased with the progress that Grosjean has made.

"He obviously had high ambitions at the beginning of the race but this is a race and I was just telling him he did a super weekend again. Nothing wrong, no foot wrong, and two in a row now."

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