Bottas sure Williams will bounce back

By on Thursday, May 28, 2015
Williams Martini Racing

Williams Martini Racing

Williams driver Valtteri Bottas is adamant that the squad will bounce back after its poorest showing since Formula 1 moved to V6 power units at the start of 2014.

Bottas claimed only 14th place in Monaco, ahead of team-mate Felipe Massa, as neither Williams driver scored points for the first time since the end of 2013.

But the Finn is confident that Williams, which still occupies third in the Constructors' championship, will return to its usual position for the upcoming races.

"After a weekend like the one I had in Monaco, I really want to have the next race as soon as possible to overcome the disappointment," Bottas wrote on his blog on Williams' website.

"But, on the other hand, it’s good we have more than one week before the Canadian Grand Prix because we really need to analyse why we were so slow here and improve for the future.

"We were never expecting Monaco to be one of our best tracks, but we never expected our performance to be this bad. We tried a lot of different things all weekend, some of them improved the situation a bit but clearly not enough to put us even close to where we should have been."

Bottas reckons that Williams' pace during the mid-season spell in 2014 bodes well for this season.

"I’m not worried about the rest of the season because we’re going back to more normal type of circuits in the coming weeks," he said.

"We have some updates for Canada and we were strong there last year, so that suggests we should be strong there again this year. I‘m really looking forward to Canada, but also to Austria and Silverstone because they should be good races for us."

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