Booth: No new Manor until after summer break

By on Saturday, April 18, 2015
Manor Marussia F1 Team

Manor Marussia F1 Team

Manor Marussia Team Principal John Booth says that the squad's new car will not be introduced until after Formula 1's summer break.

Manor Marussia modified its 2014 car to confirm to 2015 regulations after it secured a last-minute deal to return to the Formula 1 grid after entering administration last year.

The squad maintained earlier this season that a 2015 car was being developed but Booth says it will not be introduced until later this year.

"As for the 2015 car, our aim has always been for the August break, as with arriving in Australia it is a very aggressive target and will take a lot of achieving," he said.

"But when we get back from these first four flyaway races we just really need to sit down and see if we can bring all the areas together that need bringing together to achieve that in that time frame."

Booth added that there may be chances for the Manor Marussia to secure new backing but maintains that the squad is now in a good situation.

"I’m sure there are prospects but we have a commercial plan that we’re comfortable is sustainable for our model and we’re confident in the investors we have now or the owner we have now to take us forward over the next few years," he concluded.

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