Blown exhaust saga over for 2011 - FIA

By on Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jul.14 (GMM) The blown exhaust saga is over for now, the FIA confirmed on Thursday.

After a weekend-long saga of seemingly constantly-changing regulations, the F1 world departed Silverstone believing the teams had finally agreed to revert to the Valencia rules.

In a media Q and A distributed by the governing body, the FIA said the matter has indeed been settled.

"Yes, and all cars will run under Valencia conditions for the remainder of the season," said the document, referring to unrestricted off-throttle blowing but 'parc ferme' conditions for engine map changes between qualifying and the race.

The FIA said it is confident the saga is now over.

"We are optimistic that there will be no protests over any engine mapping and exhaust tailpipe issues this season," it confirmed.

"In addition to the main part of the agreement reached (at Silverstone) it was also agreed that no team would raise a protest against another on these matters for the rest of the season."

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