Bianchi remaining realistic despite positive start

By on Sunday, April 7, 2013

Marussia F1 Team

Jules Bianchi says he is remaining realistic after a positive start to his Formula 1 career.

Bianchi has so far led the battle at the back of the grid, finishing in thirteenth place in Malaysia.

The Marussia driver is nonetheless keeping his ambitions in check ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

"We have to be realistic. I think it will be difficult [to score points] as we are still missing some performance, but if we can do it, we will and our target will be to score our first point this year for sure," he told Sky Sports F1.

Bianchi acknowledges that Marussia has improved compared to 2012.

"For sure we are a lot closer now [to the midfield] than the team was last year, but all the teams are working hard and we need to bring a big step forward and every time we bring something to the track, it has to be a good part which gives you an advantage. We will see, but our target is to be closer and closer to the midfield and if we can beat them as a team, we will."

Bianchi is a member of the Ferrari driver academy and has tested for the team on a number of occasions. Bianchi insists that although he has Ferrari connections in place, Marussia provides him with a strong learning environment, a position he hints he would like to keep into 2014.

"It is something we have in mind because I already have a contract with them in the Academy, so we want for sure to do something in the future," he added.

"But, it is too early to know about that. We have done only two races, we still have 17 races to do and we will see what happens. "I need to stay at this level first of all and improve. We will see next year what happens, but I would be pleased to stay with Marussia next year again."

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