Bianchi relieved to finish after Maldonado hit

By on Sunday, July 27, 2014
Marussia F1 Team

Marussia F1 Team

Jules Bianchi says he was relieved to finish the Hungarian Grand Prix after being hit by Pastor Maldonado.

Maldonado tried to make a move on the Marussia driver but the duo made contact, with Maldonado spinning and Bianchi sustaining a puncture.

Bianchi went on to finish the race in 15th position but believes the damage to his car compromised the remainder of his race.

"That was a tough race for me because I had to drive for more than 50 laps with a damaged car with terrible balance problems," he said.

"Maldonado just came from nowhere and hit me in the side. I was really fearful it would put me out of the race and I knew it was a race that would present a lot of opportunities, for me and also our competitors.

"Although the Caterhams were not in the race for very long, the balance problems meant that I could not take the fight to the cars ahead, particularly the Saubers, who at one point were in a good position that might have threatened our championship placing.

"In the end, the dry conditions ensured the race ran more in competitive order and we ended the race holding onto 9th, which I am very happy about, obviously.

"It was a pretty exhausting race, having to fight the car for so long and not be able to lap quicker, but at least we got both cars to the finish and we end the first half of the season on a high note."

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