Berger no fan of F1 overtaking debate

By on Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mar.30 (GMM) Gerhard Berger has admitted he is no fan of the ongoing debate about overtaking in formula one.

After watching the Australian grand prix on television, the ten-time race winner said the new moveable rear wings made "barely" any difference.

But "This is the wrong approach," he said on Austrian Servus TV. "I want to see racing, where if you want to get past you have to brake later.

"I don't even know why we always have to talk about overtaking. Everyone seems to complain but in recent years, the world championships have been very interesting.

"In most cases it (the champion) is decided at the last race; last year there were four drivers in with a chance. And there has been overtaking," added Berger.

He thinks that instead of seeing boosted overtaking with complicated technical systems, F1's audience actually wants to watch a simplified sport.

"The audience does not want to be completely overwhelmed but rather see very simple rules and racing -- the same for formula one as with football."

Berger also talked about Red Bull's current domination of F1, crediting designer "genius" Adrian Newey.

"Something like him is very hard to find," he said.

"Mercedes have Brawn who is a good manager and a good strategy man, but it's a real artist that is lacking there."

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