Bell: Tremendous potential at Renault

By on Thursday, February 4, 2016
Renault Sport

Renault Sport

Bob Bell says there is "tremendous potential" at Renault after he re-joined the operation as its new Chief Technical Officer.

Bell spent two years at Enstone in the late 1990s and first returned in 2001, acting as Technical Director between 2003 and 2009, during which period Renault claimed two world championships.

Bell switched to Mercedes in 2011 but departed the set-up in 2014 and has now returned to oversee the two divisions of Renault's Formula 1 team: the chassis design at Enstone and the engine development at Viry-Chatillon.

Bell intends to split his time between the two headquarters, working above chassis guru Nick Chester and engine chief Remi Taffin.

"There is tremendous potential to be tapped on both sides of the equation," Bell explained.

"To characterise the current situation in both organisations, firstly you have Enstone, which is an organisation that has been starved of resources in recent times, but structurally is pretty sound.

"Viry, on the other hand, could be characterised as being resourced well enough to do a credible job however recent history has seen a very difficult situation with the change to the latest power units and this has impacted on how the facility operates.

"The key for Viry is galvanising the leadership and direction with the new opportunities that a works F1 entry provides.

"The focus is more structural whereas at Enstone it’s more resource-based. We’re clear on what the issues have been in the past and we’re working on putting them right."

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