Bahrain's May deadline still in place - FIA

By on Friday, April 29, 2011

Apr.29 (GMM) The FIA is sticking to its May 1 deadline for the possible rescheduling of Bahrain's 2011 grand prix.

With the date fast approaching amid reported continuing problems inside the island Kingdom, F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone on Thursday indicated he is now willing to wait for Bahrain until "early June".

"We need to wait a little bit to see exactly how progress is made," he is quoted as saying by the Mirror.

Daily Telegraph correspondent Tom Cary said Ecclestone's new position caught the FIA "off guard".

"As far as we are concerned a decision is still due on Sunday," said a spokesman for F1's governing body.

"Because it's a weekend it may be Monday morning that we announce the decision, but we haven't spoken to Mr Ecclestone about any delay," he added.

Especially as Ecclestone indicated on Thursday that there have been discussions with Jean Todt, the comments are an indication the 80-year-old remains at loggerheads with the FIA president.

The FIA spokesman concluded: "The decision will be a joint one between the FIA, Formula One Management (Ecclestone) and the Bahrain authorities."

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