Bahrain to end state of emergency before F1 deadline

By on Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8 (GMM) Bahrain has ordered an early end to its state of emergency that could pave the way for F1's return to the island Kingdom.

State television on Sunday said a royal decree ordered the end of the 'state of national safety' on June 1 -- two weeks earlier than originally planned.

"The state of national safety is to be lifted by June 1 across the kingdom of Bahrain," King Hamad confirmed, according to BNA state news agency.

That would be conveniently in time for the extended June 3 deadline for the FIA to rubber-stamp a rescheduled 2011 race date at its Barcelona meeting of the World Motor Sport Council.

A wire report by the Associated Press said the decision was a move by Bahrain to show it is "able to host international events like the formula one race".

FIA president Jean Todt on Sunday admitted that conditions in Bahrain "had improved" and said the governing body had ordered a review be conducted ahead of the new deadline.

"I think if you are in a difficult situation, you need support. That is our responsibility. We need to give some support and it will penalise nobody to have a final answer by June 3," he said in Turkey.

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