Bahrain heading for reschedled 2011 race

By on Friday, June 3, 2011

Jun.3 (GMM) All signs point to 'yes' on Friday after the FIA sat in Barcelona to deliberate a new date for the 2011 Bahrain grand prix.

Amid logistical and political concerns up and down the pitlane, a Bahraini government official 'Tweeted' that the World Motor Sport Council is in the process of rubber-stamping a new date for a race this year in the troubled island Kingdom.

"FIA finalising date now," said Sheikh Fawaz al-Khalifa, head of the information affairs authority.

The news is not yet official but Bernie Ecclestone denied as he arrived in Spain in the morning that the decision will be about the $40 million race fee.

"Nothing to do with money at all. Nothing, in any shape or form," the 80-year-old told Reuters.

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