Bahrain GP under threat?

By on Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Formula 1 commercial rights holder Bernie Ecclestone has admitted his fears over the ongoing riots in Bahrain, with it having emerged on Tuesday that anti-government protesters are now targeting next month’s season-opening race.

Conflict has increased today, with police clashing with mourners at the funeral of a Shi'ite protestor who was shot dead during yesterday’s ‘Day of Rage’ demonstration; it is believed that today’s incident has resulted in the death of at least one person.

“The danger is obvious, isn’t it? If these people wanted to make a fuss and get worldwide recognition it would be bloody easy, wouldn’t it? You start making a problem on the start grid in Bahrain and it would get worldwide coverage.”

When asked whether the race could be cancelled due to the protest threat, Ecclestone replied: “I have no idea. It’s hard to establish exactly what is going on. “As I say, I’m speaking with the Crown Prince later on. We’re watching events closely. We’ll rely on what they think the right thing to do is.

“He is a very realistic person. I have never had any problems in Bahrain in the past and I’m happy to walk around town there. But we don’t know now. The world is changing.”

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