Angry Raikkonen hits out at 'stupid' Perez

By on Sunday, May 26, 2013

An angry Kimi Raikkonen says Sergio Perez has 'no idea what he's talking about' following their collision during the Monaco Grand Prix.

Raikkonen and Perez were battling over fifth place but made contact during the final stages of the race.

The contact dropped Raikkonen out of the points, but he recovered to finish in tenth place. Perez retired from brake issues sustained in the collision.

"It was a really disappointing day. Because of one stupid move from Sergio we’ve lost a lot of points to Sebastian [Vettel] in the Championship and you can’t afford to lose ground like that," he said.

"He hit me from behind and that’s about all there is to it. If he thinks it’s my fault that he came into the corner too fast then he obviously has no idea what he’s talking about. It’s not the first time he’s hit someone in the race; he seems to expect people to be always looking at what he might do, then move over or go straight on if he comes into the corner too quick and isn’t going to make it without running into someone."

"Not the ideal weekend but there’s nothing we can do about it. At least we got one point back at the end."

Perez had a different view of the collision and says Raikkonen did not leave him enough room.

"I’d had a great race – I’d been overtaking cars through the afternoon – but in my opinion Kimi didn’t leave me enough room when I tried to pass him as we exited the tunnel, and as a result I got squeezed into the wall on the entry to the Harbour Chicane," he said.

"That was a real shame – I’d overtaken both Jenson and Fernando there, and Jenson had overtaken me there too, but I couldn’t have avoided the crash with Kimi. Of course, any passing manoeuvre at Monaco is risky, but, at the end of the day, you have to leave each other a little room.

"As a result of our contact, my car’s brake ducts were affected and my front brakes overheated – in fact I basically ran out of brakes."

Raikkonen was also asked whether his fellow drivers should talk to Perez.

"That won't help. Maybe someone should punch him in the face."

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