Alonso: Winning is not an obligation

By on Thursday, January 12, 2012

Photo credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

Like all sportsmen, Fernando Alonso loves to win, but he does not see it as an obligation. “Sport is not just about winning, but also about sacrifice, teamwork, determination and passion,” said the Spaniard during this morning’s Wrooom press conference. “However, the final result depends on a lot of other factors and that’s why one cannot say that Ferrari has to win. What is a fact is that we have a great desire to do well and to return to the role of being the dominant team, which is what the Scuderia was at the beginning of this century.”

Fernando said he was not bothered by the fact that the title has continued to escape him since 2006. “I have a lot of years of racing ahead of me and I am only thirty years old. There are some 43 year olds still around and I think I still have room to improve. I don’t know what it might feel like to win a title with Ferrari, but from what I can tell from just winning some races, I can be sure it would be something special.”

Fernando wanted to spare a thought and give some encouragement to his great friend, Robert Kubica. “Robert is the best driver around and he will prove that when he returns to racing, something I am sure he will do. Him as my team-mate? I am very happy to have Felipe alongside me.”

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