Alonso: We will try to enjoy racing

By on Friday, October 14, 2011

Fernando Alonso. Photo credit: Ferrari S.p.A.

Winning the Korean Grand Prix in 2010 looked like being a springboard for Fernando Alonso but instead the Spaniard has only had one victory since. With the 2011 title race over, he says the remaining races of the year are about enjoying himself.

Alonso’s victory at Silverstone earlier this year came in a weather-affected race run with unique rules regarding the use of blown diffusers, his competitive run to second last week at Suzuka was more of an achievement for Maranello however the pace in Japan has to be viewed against a comparatively uncompetitive performance two weeks earlier in Singapore.

Speaking in Thursday’s official FIA press conference, Alonso acknowledged the form of the F150 has not been consistent, but argued much the same could be said of most teams:

“I think this year there has been some up and downs for everybody which no-one can understand 100 per cent. We can have some ideas of what happened to us in Singapore and we are quite convinced that we know the problem. We are also quite convinced we know why we were a little bit better in Suzuka. Obviously, I will not tell you now. I think it is the same for everybody. I think everybody was expecting a strong Red Bull in Suzuka and they finished third so more and more difficult to understand Formula One for everybody in these days.”

Alonso set out a return to the top step of the podium as his ambition this year, but also added that he doesn’t see beating McLaren to second in the Constructors’ Championship as an impossibility.

“[I will] try to win one race if possible. Red Bull will remain favourites for the remaining races. McLaren is very strong at this part of the championship as well, so we know it is going to be difficult. But we will try every Sunday, we will try to enjoy racing, with obviously not the pressure of the championship position, as I think finishing, second, third or fifth in the Drivers’ Championship is not a big difference. Once you cannot be World Champion it is not any more a big interest on that.

“The Constructors’ Championship is maybe more important. McLaren are still quite a long way ahead of us, so we need to do the maximum, but we know it is also going to be difficult to catch them. As I said, try and enjoy racing like we did at Suzuka last weekend, when you can be aggressive on the starts, you can play a little bit with the strategy. We can enjoy Sundays, try do good races, maximise the potential of the car and if we do that then we know a podium is very possible and as I said if there is one opportunity to win one of the remaining grands prix we try to take it.”

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