Alonso pleased with first day

By on Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fernando Alonso said that he was pleased with the first day of winter testing, despite ending up 5th, over 7 tenths behind Sebastian Vettel.

"It's okay, feeling good, nothing surprising," Alonso told reporters. "The biggest priority for this test is to do mileage, to learn about the car, to have a lot of data for when we go back to Maranello. Today was a positive day, with no mechanical problems at all in the car so that was positive.

"We kept playing with the new rules, the KERS, etc, and to get used to the system. And then only the tyres, they degrade a lot and they are not very consistent at the moment.

"And we are very limited about the number of tyres as well, so you have to keep a set of tyres for the whole morning and then one for half of the afternoon and one for the end. It's difficult to do set-up changes and to really get an answer at the moment."

He also expressed his views on the drivers having too many buttons to fiddle with

"Obviously it's not very easy, so if you lose concentration you lose performance," he said. "But also it's something that drivers who can adapt quickly can use as an advantage, so it's also a challenge for all of us, to try to do better than our opponents."

He also said he has no concerns over any issues to do with the moveable rear wing

"You have to trust the thing. In the mirror you see the rear wing, but when you are breaking you are not looking at the rear wing. If anything happens one day and the system is not working, just the pressure of the air will put the wing down."

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