Alonso pins testing crash on locked steering

By on Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fernando-Alonso-McLaren-F1McLaren's Fernando Alonso has contradicted the account of his testing accident provided by his team and says that locked steering caused his crash last month.

Alonso hit the wall at Turn 3 at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and McLaren pinned the cause of the crash on the gusty conditions affecting the area on that day.

But, having been cleared fit to return this weekend in Malaysia, Alonso says that his steering locked, causing him to crash out of testing.

"It was a normal concussion, so I went to the hospital, I went in good condition, there is a time I don't remember in the hospital from 2 o'clock to 6 o'clock but everything was normal due to the medication they give you to go to the helicopter," he said.

"Everything was normal, I didn't wake up in 1995, I didn't wake up speaking Italian or in all these things that were out there."

"I remember the accident, I remember everything the following day. With the team we've been very closely working and [with] the FIA, they were very helpful."

"It is not in the data anything clear we can spot, but definitely we have a steering problem in the middle of Turn 3 and it locked to the right, I approached the wall, I braked in the last moment, downshift from fifth to third [gear] and unfortunately on the data we are still missing some parts.

"There are some new sensors [for] this race and some changes on the steering rack and some other parts."

Alonso dismissed the suggestions that a gust of wind caused the accident and says that he has a clear memory.

"No, definitely not," he said. "I don't know if you see the video, but a hurricane would not move the car at that speed.

"On the Sunday morning, all the set-up changes, the lap times, [Sebastian] Vettel was in front of me and cut the chicane to let me go exiting the pit lane, after the hit I was hitting the wall for a while, I switched off the radio first as it was on, then I switched off the master switch that we call for the batteries to switch off because I saw the marshals coming and if not they cannot touch the car.

"I was perfectly conscious at that time. I lost consciousness in the accident or the clinic but the doctors said this is normal because of the medication they give you for the helicopter transportation and the MRI [scan] needs this protocol so this is normal."

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