Alonso out to make amends for 2007

By on Friday, December 12, 2014


Fernando Alonso says he is out to make amends for his tricky period with McLaren when he raced for the team back in 2007.

Alonso endured an acrimonious season seven years ago amid issues with Lewis Hamilton, senior management and the Spygate scandal, before he departed at the end of the year.

But McLaren confirmed on Thursday that Alonso would return to the team for 2015, when he will partner Jenson Button.

"It was not the best feeling in 2007," he admitted. "We arrived with good motivation and we fought for the championship, but in the end we split for different reasons. But as I said before, all those years I had only one feeling remaining to do: I was happy with everything I had done apart from 2007. I didn’t achieve, didn’t deliver, the best of myself.

"So now seven years later, more mature, you learn things and understand things probably you didn’t at 25 years old, and now I arrive to finish this job I started in 2007. This was the first priority to come back. Ron [Dennis] and I have spoken a lot during the year, we have been together for some dinners and I want to say some hotel rooms but it sounds very bad!"

"You have to be honest with yourself - as long as you are, you think back and learn from the things you did. It is time to think of the future, and to be happy and competitive. That is what we want from this partnership.

"The other side, it is no longer 2007: it is not McLaren-Mercedes, it is McLaren-Honda, which is a completely different thing in my opinion. Jenson is not Lewis [Hamilton], which is completely different, and I am not the same as 2007. I had two years on my contract if I wanted at a very fantastic atmosphere. I am sitting here, ready for this challenge with McLaren-Honda, because I see no problems at all. I see this as a winning project: that is very clear."

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