Alonso open to closed cockpits idea

By on Thursday, October 9, 2014
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Fernando Alonso says Formula 1 should consider using closed cockpits in the wake of Jules Bianchi's accident in the Japanese Grand Prix.

Bianchi struck a recovery vehicle and sustained a diffuse axonal injury in the crash and he remains in hospital in Japan.

Alonso was involved in a close call in Belgium two years ago, when Romain Grosjean's errant Lotus narrowly missed his helmet during a crash at the start.

"I probably tend to agree we should at least try or test the idea," Alonso said.

"We are in 2014, we have the technology, we have aeroplanes and many other examples used in a successful way, so why not to think about it?

"All the biggest accidents in motorsport in the last couple of years have been head injuries so it's probably one of the parts where we are not on the top of the safety.

"Even in my case, in 2012 at Spa, I probably could have died there in corner one if it had been 10 centimetres closer to my head. If the technology is there available and there is a possibility I would not exclude it for sure."

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