Alonso: 'Like a different category'

By on Sunday, June 7, 2015
McLaren Honda

McLaren Honda

Fernando Alonso said that he wanted to have some fun when he rejected a request from McLaren to save fuel during the Canadian Grand Prix.

Alonso was asked by McLaren to adopt a different approach but replied, "I don't want to," before ultimately retiring from the Grand Prix.

"When you are in the middle of a battle, fuel is a low priority and you will [save] time later on," he explained to BBC Sport.

"After three or four reminders of fuel, I just said let me race and let me have some fun.

"We are like a different category. When everyone pass you so easy like that, you look like a amateur driver and that is not good. We are not super competitive now, we have many things to do in our case. But hopefully this weekend has given us some lessons."

Despite his third successive retirement on a dismal weekend for McLaren, Alonso urged patience from McLaren's supporters.

"You need to I believe in this project all the programme of developing the car is quite positive," he said.

"I know it is difficult for the fans but they need to be patient and they need to believe because something good is coming."

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