Alonso: I’d give myself a 10, motivation 10, determination 10

By on Friday, August 23, 2013
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Fernando Alonso has dismissed rumours suggesting he will leave Ferrari and insists he is highly motivated ahead of the second half of 2013.

Alonso is currently 39 points behind championship leader Sebastian Vettel.

"After many years in Formula 1 I have never had a great Sunday here [at Spa] and I would like to finally get a good result," he said.

"I think our expectations can be good ones as this circuit requires different levels of aero downforce and a very specific set-up and our preparation for this race has been excellent. Physically right now, I’d give myself a 10, motivation 10, determination 10, the team has also worked well on our weak points that we saw mainly in Silverstone, so everything is in place for us to do well here."

"Whether or not we can win the championship, we will have to wait and see until Brazil, but if we don’t it won’t be for the lack of trying. The current situation is that we must find the parts that give us those missing three or four tenths, as we, Felipe [Massa] and I and [team principal Stefano] Domenicali, have said before. I believe one hundred percent that sooner or later we will manage it. July was not the best for us, but this situation can change immediately if we find something that makes the car work in a better way. We will try right to the very end, just as we have done in the past, fighting for the championship to the very last lap of the last race. I don’t see why we cannot do that again this year."

Alonso was quick to dispel rumours that he would leave the team and emphasised that he does not have number one status at Ferrari.

"When me and Felipe go to Australia for the first race, we are both equal, both with the same car.

"Only towards the very end of the year, if new parts are available for just one car, then they go to the driver who has the most points. I have been fortunate that in recent years it has been me."

"So, whoever drives for Ferrari next year, above all, we need to improve the car, because the two drivers who have the fastest car have the best chances and I have no fear about who is in the team as long as they work as hard as possible to get Ferrari into the number one position."

"The summer break is a time when the rumours start and I don’t like it when there is talk of possible future team-mates, first and foremost because it shows a lack of respect for Felipe if I comment on this."

"We have done four years together, with great teamwork. With all my team-mates, there has been this sense of good teamwork, even at McLaren, there wasn’t a problem with my team-mate, but with the way the situation was managed. So what happens next year, whether it be with Felipe or without Felipe, we will do our best to all work together."

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