Alonso doubts Mercedes can keep peace

By on Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Scuderia Ferrari

Scuderia Ferrari

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso reckons Mercedes has an extremely difficult job on their hands if they are to placate both Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton, following the pair's collision last weekend.

Rosberg tagged the back of Hamilton's car on the second lap of the Belgian Grand Prix, with Hamilton sustaining a puncture. Rosberg went on to finish in second place, while the duo later provided differing versions of what happened in the post-race debrief.

Alonso, who was involved in a tense title scrap with Hamilton when the pair were at McLaren in 2007, anticipates a tough time for Mercedes's senior management.

"They have touched a little bit and there will be some talks about this, but it's difficult," said Alonso.

"If a team lets the drivers fight and they don't touch, that team is fantastic. But when they do touch that team is not good anymore.

"It's a very narrow line to make everyone happy. They are leading both championships with big margins, so they are doing something good.

"Part of the problem they can have is because they are dominating everything. From the outside it's difficult to judge any other team.

"They have been racing fantastically well all season and we have been saying how good they were fighting and how good the team was for letting them fight. Bahrain, for example, was a fantastic fight and a fantastic race that everyone enjoyed."

Daniel Ricciardo's second successive victory, and third of the win, allowed him to close to within 64 points of Rosberg, but Alonso does not think that the Australian can mount a title challenge.

"I don't think so," said Alonso when asked if Ricciardo can win the championship.

"He's doing an amazing job and surprising everyone, but the Mercedes advantage - two seconds in qualifying at Spa - sooner or later they will keep increasing their advantage when they finish a race. If one of the rest can do it, it's only Ricciardo."

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