Alonso as great as Schumacher - Montezemolo

By on Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mar.24 (GMM) Fernando Alonso is as good as Michael Schumacher, according to Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo.

He told Corriere dello Sport that the Spaniard "lacks nothing" in comparison to F1's statistically greatest-ever driver.

Explaining Schumacher's huge success, Montezemolo agreed that Schumacher "is a great but he also had a car clearly superior to the others".

Sir Stirling Moss told F1 Racing magazine: "I think he was lucky to get all those titles, frankly. He (Schumacher) got them because he was in the right car."

Schumacher reacted sarcastically when faced with 81-year-old Moss' appraisal.

"Yes, I have been a very lucky person," he told the Telegraph. "I feel that my success speaks for itself. You can't always be lucky."

The 42-year-old German told reporters in Melbourne on Thursday that he is hoping for regular podiums and possibly some wins this year.

But Alex Wurz is not sure the seven time world champion will perform comparatively better alongside his Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg in 2011.

"Formula one has changed and I don't believe it's going to look much better for him this year," the Austrian told

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